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Whelan of Longstone townland

The only evidence that my Whelan ancestors came from Longstone is that this was the address that my Great-grandmother gave at her marriage, she also advised then that her parents were David Whelan and Johanna Hayes. Her bridesmaid was Ellen Whelan, on her marriage certificate shows same parents.

The Townland of Longstone. Kilcornan Tipperary, Longstone is in two parishes, Longstone North in Cullen and Longstone South in Kilcornan .

In the Applotments of the Tithes for the Diocese of Emily Parish of Kilcornan Tipperary c 1820 in Longstone shows A William Whealan with four parcels of land that he occupied in Longstone total acreage of 34 a 1rod 10 perches. He also occupied 4 parcels in next Townland Bally Robins of 54a2r15p Cullen Graveyard which is on Oola Road is 6 miles from Tipperary Town. Longstone, Kilcornan is over the hill from Cullen Graveyard

After William Whelan in the 1820’s the Griffith’s valuation show that the Whelan that occupied the land were.

Patrick in the south next to the townland of Bally Robins map ref 1a with house was by 1861 occupied by Malachy until 1889 when Patrick Ryan moved in

Next door was John who occupied Map Ref 2 House office and land of 13 acres Lawrence Ryan son inlaw occupied in 1889

Then at Map ref 3 Jeremiah with House Office and land 21 acres and in 1861 took over the next farm ref 4 of 23 acres and farmed this until 1886 when Andrew was shown as occupier, in 1895 Rep was appointed then in 1899Julia, born 1853 ( Julia 1901 census). 1914 rep appointed for Julia and in 1919 a Jeremiah was occupier. Born 1885 The 1901 Census shows no 12 Julia Whelan age 48 widow Jeremiah son age 16, John aged 15 and Pat aged 13.

At Map ref. 6 a &b shows David with House & land of 5 acres until 1865 when Judith occupied in 1877 David is shown, In 1882 Margaret is occupier, then in 1888 Pat Ryan is shown then in 1889 Margaret Ryan until 1912 when a David Rolan is occupier. In 1901 Census

At B 18 Margaret Ryan age 54 Widow born in Limerick Margaret Ryan aged 14 and son David Whelan age 22 not Married.

This Margaret Ryan is Widow of Pat Ryan and had surname of Whelan in 1888. Widow of Dennis Whelan ?This house had two outbuildings two rooms and 3 windows. Being of 3rd class.

I refer to your letter of 6 June regarding your Whelan ancestors. I have searched for relevant information in the following primary sources: Lattin-Cullen Catholic Marriage and Baptismal Records, Cullen Graveyard, Civil Records and 1901 Census. I have also spoken to some local people, relatives, etc. You have already searched Griffith’s Valuation and the tithe applotment lists.


Lattin-CulIen Catholic Marriage and Baptismal Records

The townlands you mention are in the Catholic parish of Lattin and Cullen, the records for which begin in

1846. The earlier records were, unfortunately, destroyed in a fire at the parochial house some time during the last century. The entries relevant to your ancestors are as follows:


Date                 Child                          Parents/Address


16/09/1863      Alice Whelan        David Whelan & Ellen Harding

                                                             No Address

15/12/1878        David Whelan         Denis Whelan & Margaret Healy


16/09/1880      Johanna Whelan          Denis Whelan & Margaret Healy


19/01/1885       Jeremiah Whelan    Andrew Whelan & Julia Corbett


16/02/1886        John Whelan             Andrew Whelan & Julia Corbett


20/04/1887        Patrick Whelan        Andrew Whelan & Julia Corbett


24112/1889       Ellen Whelan           John Whelan & Mary Madden


- /02/1891                   Whelan             John Whelan & Mary Madden


- /02/1893           David Whelan            John Whelan & Mary Madden

                                                            Cullen **ProbabIy Fory Acres



The townlands of Kilcornan and Longstone are close to the church of Templebreedon, which forms part of

the parish of Pallasgreen-Templebreedon. Its parish records, which begin in 1811, may contain some

Whelan entries. Information may be obtained from Tipperary Heritage Unit, Excel Building, Tipperary

(pretty expensive) or possibly, Rev. Fr. James Holloway P.P., Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick.


Cullen Graveyard

The burial record obtained from Tipperary Clans Centre concerning Plot 97 should read: David died

22/8/1952, Jeremiah died 22/1/1960, Margaret 28/6/1933 and David 22/11/1983. David’s wife, nec

Kenrick, died c. 1999, is now also interred in the plot.


Other Whelan burials include John Whelan died 21/8/1876 aged 76 years. Erected by Laurence and Kate

Ryan. Laurence died 22/5/1889 aged 67 years and was also interred there. Another stone reads: Erected by

John R. Whelan in memory of his father Patrick Whelan, Longstone died 21/12/1849; Michael died

7/6/1846 aged 43 years; mary died 24/2/1848 aged 39 years; Thomas died 11/1/1863 aged 68 years.


Civil Records

Civil registration of births, deaths and marriages began in Ireland in 1865. I have only access to the first twelve years, and the only entry which may be relevant is for a Bridget Whelan, Kilcornan, widow, who died on 27/2/1868, aged 70 years. The complete listing of entries for Ireland are located in Joyce House, Dublin, but you have to carry out your own searches.


1901 Census

Apart from Julia Whelan’s family in Longstone, another family of Whelans are located in Kilcornan viz:

Thomas Whelan, aged 53 years and his wife Nora.


Local Knowledge

David, who died in 1983, was a son of David Whelan and his wife whose maiden name was Looby. I believe other children of this marriage were Denis. who married firstly Bessy Ryan (Metals), an aunt of Anthony Ryan (M), undertaker, Pallasgreen. Their children were David, Denis of Green Road, Ballyroan, Portlaoise, Co. Lads, Pat, deceased, of Emly, Jeremiah, who was married in Cloonlara, Co. Clare and had at least one son. After the death of Bessy, Denis married Hannah O”Donnell of Knockane, Pallasgreen. David Whelan, who died in 1952. was a son of Denis and Margaret Healy.


It appears to me that the Whelans had farm residences at Longstone, Kilcornan and Attyvrega, Cullen.

These farms have now passed out of Whelan hands. A third family of Whelans still farm at Forty Acres,

Cullen, about two miles from Longstone. The oldest member of this family is Patrick Whelan, whose father

David died in 1965, aged 72 years. He, in turn, was son of John who died in 1913, aged 72 years. I feel

there is a relationship, but whether the family know of it, I am unable to say.


An Andrew Whelan, who is certainly related to your ancestors, lives quite near to Longstone at

Knockeravella, Pallasgreen. There are others in the area who are related to Whelans, but who may be

unable to trace much further than their grandparents; eg. Julia Holmes of Oola Hills, Oola, Co. Limerick

(sister of Andrew Whelan), Mrs Sheila Bennett of Church St., Tipperary (daughter of Patrick Whelan),

Danny Byrnes of Ballyholihan, Emly, Co. Tipperary, whose grandmother was a sister of Margaret Healy(wife of Denis Whelan)


I would suggest that you contact Denis Whelan in Portlaoise, as a friend of mine named Pat Buckley, has spoken to him about your inquiry


archaeological stone

Ancestral Home

Further to your letter of 5 August last, I now enclose some photographs of the late David Whelan’s home at Longstone. The house itself is situated about half a mile from the road to Templebredin Church. The house was renovated and extended in the 1950’s, but right now it is ransacked and in very poor condition. I found a few old papers and books in a cupboard and I enclose a photocopy of the title page from one of these.


The photographs are as follows: Longstone. which gives its name to the townland, is an important archaeological stone dating from the sixth century. The photograph which I took of it is looking out towards your ancestral home. The second photograph is taken from what remains of the passageway leading into the farmyard. The third photograph is of the dwelling house and two outbuildings to the left and right of it. My friend Pat Buckley is standing at the window. The fourth photograph is of the old outbuilding to the right.


I hope your research is progressing well.


Yours Sincerely,

Gerard Riordan Ballyrobin, Cullen, Co. Tipperary.


Another townland of interest is Forty Acres. This town land has two parcels of land each of 33 acres. In the Griffith’s valuation shows a Michael Breen as occupier of Map ref 1 while a David Whelan farmed the other half. Oliver Fitzgerald was next on 1 in 1868 while David was still occupied map ref 2. In 1871 A rep was appointed and Ellen was shown in 1877. In 1884 John Whelan took over farming of map ref 1 from Oliver Fitzgerald until 1913 when Mary widow born 1861 was shown as occupier then in 1922 David Whelan born 1893 took over Farming. In the other half of the townland William Whelan is shown as occupier until 1921 when Michael is shown then in 1922 a Thomas Reardon takes over.

The 1901 Census shows John Whelan aged 50 born 1851, living in a two roomed house , class of house 3rd class. Also living there was his wife Mary aged 40 and daughters Elina age 11 Johanna aged 10 and son David aged 8.( born 1893)

The other half of the townland was owed by William Whelan aged 50 not married spoke both Irish & English, living in 3 roomed house with 3 windows . Also living there was his brother David aged 45 born 1856 and his sister Bridget age 42 and Ellen sister aged 40 born 1861 also visitor David Whelan Aged 4.

The above is found in Griffith's Valuation (1852) and in the later valuation list 1860-1922 plus 1901 Census

In the townland of Kilcornan Thomas Whelan aged 53 (born 1848) lived in two rooms with wife Norah aged 45

There are in the Cullen Graveyard in plot 51: Erected by John son of Patrick who died 21/12/1849 aged 55; Michael 7/6/1846 aged 43; Mary 24/02/1848 aged 39;

Thomas11 Jan 1852 aged 68

In plot 97:

David aged 74 22/8/1952; Father of;

Jeremiah aged 44 22/1/1960;

Margaret aged 23 28/6/1933 and

David age 64, on 22/11/1983:

In plot 104 David age 72 26/1/1965 Forty Acres

Mary 13/11/1935,Forty Acres

John 5/6/1913 aged 75 Forty Acres

Mrs Johanna Donovan, nee Whelan? Cullen 6/4/1953

Mrs Bridget Whelan 22/03/1953

John 1985 Cullen Road Cullen

In plot 51 1794 21/12/1849 Longstone

Michael 1803 7/6/1846 Longstone

Mary 1809 24/02/1848 Longstone also related to Patrick Michael & Mary are John Son of Pat & Thomas.

In plot 48 John 1800 21/08/1876 Kilcordan ( his children Lawrence & Kate Ryan)

In plot 56 David 1849 6/9/1851 Milten grandparents Gerald & Ellen Byrne )

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