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Grave stone inscriptions from Rathdrum Grave yard

Updated by DJ & RM Griffiths from grave inspection

MANNING Archibald.. See Michal MANNING

MANNING Arthur. A coped stone: B a slap in general area

A South: Erected in memory of Arthur Manning died June 24th 1859 aged 6 years & 6 months
/ Eva Manning died July 6th 1859 aged 2 Years & 8 months / Robert Manning died
7th Nov 1874 aged 33 years / Jane Manning died 22nd October 1885 aged 41 years.

North: James Manning died 22nd March 1882 aged 73 years / Jane Manning died
19th October 1885 aged 69 years.

B Here lieth the remains of Susannah Manning late of Mount Corballis who departed this life 21st October 1856.. aged.80.

This stone erected by her loving husband. (Followed by three lines of virtue

Also Robert Manning husband of the above Susanah who departed this life 23 October 1825. aged ..

Also William Manning son of the Above Robert Manning who departed this life on 26th Nov 1870 aged 60Yrs

Also Benard Manning second son of William Manning who died 1 January 1913 in his 77th Year

Also Edith May daughter of the above Benard Manning who died 25 April 1938

And Georgina Elizabeth 2nd daughter of the above Bernard who died 4th July 1939

MANNING, Arthur W. See George MANNING, b).

MANNING Bernard. See George MANNING, b1) & See Arthur B.

MANNING Charlotte E , Headstone

In loving Memory of our dear mother Charlotte E Manning of Rathdrum died 26th August 1896 aged 76 years

also our dear sister Lucinda Died 6th Dec 1901 aged 40 years

MANNING Edith See Arthur B

MANNING, Elizabeth. See Robert MANNING.

MANNING, Emily. See George MANNING, b1).

MANNING Emily Sophia. See GeorgeMANNING, b).


MANNING Frederick See George b1)

MANNING, George. Four memorials, a) ,b1) and b) are headstones, c) at foot of b) is a table type

and d), a ledger slab,to left of c):

a) here lieth the body /of George Manning / who departed this / life September the 27 1733 aged 64 years/also the body of William / Manning who departed / this life the 23rd of

March 1777 / in the 75 year of his age.

a1) Here lieth the body of Richard who died July 22nd 1777 aged 27.

a2 Here lieth the body of Thomas Manning who departed this life April 30th 1776 age 39

and also the body of Robert Manning who departed this life May 24 1776 age 26

b1) In Memory William Manning ,Mount Corballis , Despated of Earthly Life, 23 November 1870
aged 67, Also, Wife Sarah Manning on 14 Dec 1889, ages 84 Also, Frederick W Manning eldest Son of Bernard and Emily Manning, Born 8th July 1874 Died 17 May 1895.

The will of the lord be done,

Also , Sarah Manning Third eldest daughter of first Named who died Aug 1916,.

Also, Bernard Manning second son of the aboved named who died 1st January 1913 aged 77 also his wife, Emily Manning , who died 5th July 1927 aged 86 , also Susan

Manning Second daughter of the first Named who died 8 Dec 1925

b) In memory of Arthur W. Manning son of Bernard and Emily Manning of Mount Corballis died 6th June 1956 / also his sister / Emily Sophia Manning died 6th January 1970

also Violet Mabel Manning died 11th January 1974

c) This tomb / is erected by a lamenting widow / in memory of her loving husband / Thomas

Manning / late of Corballis Castle / who departed this life the 5th day of June 1841 / agcd 75 years / Mary Manning / widow of the above Thomas Manning / who died 8th of June 1856 / aged 81 years.

d) Here lieth the remains of / George Manning of Corballis within / (this) parish who departed this life the 19th day/of September 1819 aged (78 years?)

MANNING, George. See Samuel MANNING.

MANNING Georgina Elizabeth See Arthur B

MANNING Grace. See Elizabeth WINGROVE, b).

MANNING, Hester. See Michal MANNING

MANNING, James. See Arthur MANNING.


MANNING, Joseph. See Robert MANNING

MANNING, Maria. Sec Michal MANNING

MANNING, Mary. See George MANNING c).

MANNING, Mary. Sec Michal MANNING.

MANNING, Michal. Here lies interred the body of Michal Manning who departed this life 6th May 1825 aged 41 ycars / (3 lines of virtues follow) /also his beloved son Samuel Manning / who died June the 30 1825 also daughter Mary Manning departed this life 18th of dec 1833. Maria Manning died Nov 29 1859 aged 77 Archibald

MANNING, died August 26 1895 aged / 81 years, Hester wife of Archibald MANNING, died April 10 1915 aged 85 years ( Michal appears to be called Archibold )

MANNING Richard See George a1)

MANNING, Robert, Here lieth ye body Robert MANNING who departed this life / September the 17th 1765 aged 28 years also the body of William Manning who departed this life / July 6th 1770 aged 21 years / also the body of his father Thomas MANNING who departed this life /September the 12th 1784 aged 87 years/also the body of Elizabeth MANNING who departed this live November the18th 1806 aged 90 years also the body of (Jo)seph and Richard Manning sons of / (Th) omas MANNING Junr 12 and the other 15 months old

MANNING, Robert, See Arthur MANNING, A & B

MANNING, Robert See Samuel

MANNING, Samuel. See Sarah Matilda Revel MANNING,

MANNING, Samuel. See" Michal MANNING,.

MANNING, Samuel, (A ledger slab, in the immediate vicinity there are three other simlar memorials; ( I have been unable to decipher their inscriptions, b.j.c. Decerrber 1974,) This stone is erected by Susanna..(MANNING,?) widow to the memory loving husband

Samuel MANNING, late of Three Mile Water who depart / this life the 11 day of September 1814 / aged 49.. years also her son George Manning departed / the... day of April 1816 aged 15

MANNING, Samuel R,S. See Sarah Matilda Revell MANNING,

MANNING, Sarah Matilda Revell.Erected by/Doctor Manning in memory of his beloved wife / Sarah Matilda Revell who departed this life on the 18th of December 1871 aged 42 years / prayer / also his son Samuel R.S MANNING, M.D. who died 5th of February 1867 aged 23 years / also the above named Doctor Samuel MANNING who died on the 1(3?)th of June 1869 aged 56 yearsV

MANNING Sarah See George b1)

MANNING Sarah See George b1)

MANNING, Susanna See Arthur B

MANNING Susanna See Samuel

MANNING, Thomas. See Robert MANNING,

MANNING Thomas See George a2)

MANNING, Thomas See George MANNING, c).

MANNING, Thomas See Samuel

MANNING, Violet Mabel See George MANNING, b),

MANNING,William See Robert MANNING,

MANNING,William See Arthur B

MANNING, William See George MANNING, a) b1)

MANNING,, Wm. See Elizibeth WINGROVE, b)

WINGROVE ElizabethTwo memorials in an iron railed enclosure,
a) headstone and b) ledger slab:

a) Sacred to the memory of /Elizabeth Wingrove/ the dearly beloved wife of/Wm Gilbert/Prospect /who departed this life/Nov 28th 1854/aged 47 years/absent from the body/present with the Lord/ also in loving memory of the above William Gilbert /who fell asleep August 16th 1880 aged 75 years / o death where is thy sting/O grave where is thy victory/also their daughter/ Elizabeth J Gilbert/who fell asleep 7th oct 1895/washed in the Lord.(William Gilbert born 1805 died 1880,

b) Beneath lies the remains of Grace /Manning alias Wingrove daughter of John Wingrove late of Rathdrum/ departed December 26th 181. aged 34 years/this stone was recected by her lament/ing husband/ (here follows 3 lines of her virtues) also Wm Manning late of Rathdrum husband of the above Grace who departed this life 23rd march ... aged? Descendants of Thomas Manning Senior of Rathdrum

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