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Becks of Mullaghbrack Wills
Will of John Beck of Downpatrick, Manor of Downpatrick in county of Down. Dated 25 July 1718. Of perfect mind and memory but weak of body. Commits soul to Almighty God in hope of a joyful resurrection , and body to be buried in the graveyard at Ballinderry, near Lisburn, after manner of my friends the people called Quakers. Appoints Abel Strettell and Thomas Strettell of City of Dublin, merchants, and wife Elizabeth Beck as executors . Overseer and guardian Richard Mercer of Hillsborough in county of Down, gentleman To wife Elizabeth £50 stg., and one half of household goods, remaining half to be divided amongst children share and share alike . To eldest son Robert £50 stg. To daughter Ruth £10 stg. To second son Thomas £50 stg To daughter Abigail £40 stg. To son Samuel Beck of Lisburn £ 50 stg to daughter Elizabeth £40 stg. To son John Beck of Dunagore £ 50 stg To daughter Ellen £40 stg. To daughter Mary £40 stg. To the five daughters mentioned £100 stg., the said money to be put out at interest and so to continue until they or any one of them be married or otherwise disposed of out of their mother's house when they shall be paid the proportion of the said £100 stg. and interest. In event of death of any one of the five daughters before so disposed of her proportion to be divided equally amongst daughters that survive. Orders that bond perfected by Samuel Smart of Kilmore for £100 shall not be charged interest to date of my decease. To poor of Lisburn £5 stg. to be disposed by the Rector of it. Residuary legatee eldest son Robert, with contingent remainder to son Thomas, his heirs and assigns. Orders that executors be repaid all expenses in discharge of trust reposed in the in, and requests that they endeavour to preserve the lands at Annacloy for benefit of wife and children. Witnesses : James Smith, Francis Tineston, William McComb. Renunciatioun , dated 17 April 1722, of Abel Strettell and Thomas Strettell, merchants of City of Dublin, for good cause and consideration all right, claim and title to the execution of last Will and Testament of John Beck, late of Downpatrick, linen merchant , and prays the ordinary of Diocese of Down to grant administration to the proper person, Elizabeth Beck atte Downpatrick. Probate to Elizabeth Beck, relict and executrix, at Down Diocesan Court 15 September 1722. Remnants of the Seal on the will of John Beck, of Lisburn and Downpatrick, dated 1718, show faintly the outline of a bird; this being the earliest known use by a member of the Ulster family . He embraced Quakerism and was buried in the friends Burial Ground at Balinderry"

Remnants of the Seal on the will of John Beck, of Lisburn and Downpatrick, dated 1718, show faintly the outline of a bird; this being the earliest known use by a member of the Ulster family . ……Four sons of Thomas Beck Survied in Manhood, John and William who were the subsequently the first occupiers of the Cascum Property born 1741 and 1743 repectively"…..

John Beck of O'Nielan handed the farm over to Adam the elder son , who became a successful farmer and wool merchant . . Adam is my Ancestor his father was one of the orginal brothers and founder of the Mullaghbrack branch of the family. Will of Adam in 1699 as follows. In the name of God Amen, I Adam Beck of Bellimacally, Mullabrack being well advance in years and not Kowing how soon it may please to God to call upon me of this live which i hope, in his blessed mercy will be a better one. I do make this my later will and testement. I committ my Soul to God from whom I live and have being and body to be buried decent in the Parish yard near my father's grave. I leave to my son Robert My Freehold ...... messuage comp.....ment, my stock of cattle and half my wool in stock. I leave to my wife Margaret my wooven loom and a large cubbert in the loft on screwators which was my father's cubbet and half the wool in stock and puter dishes. I leave to Alex Watt oak chest and scarf and release him of bond due me of five pounds more or less . I revoke other testmends and publish this... my wife sole exector and reqest my brother John Beck of Lisburn to be overseer and settle my just detbs. In witness I have set my hand and seal this day 14th March 1699. . From his will we know that he had three sons, Robert, Adam & William. William emigrated to USA for his " health". Robert, a farmer of Mecantrim, did not appear to have married. Adam married Jane, 5 children known, one was Thomas, farmer of Mecantrim married Mary. Their son William b 1776 a farmer of Drumlack in parish of Mullaghbrack married Elizabeth. In the Parish church of Mullaghback and Yard where John Beck d c1665 and his son Adam Beck is buried, d c 1700, their grave no longer visible, but had got that feeling beside an old stone with no visible writing. Grave stone for William Beck in yard Plus one beside that his uncle Adam was buried, he died in 1846, wife's name, Alice,

Will of Robert Beck of Macantrim= Margaret Walker Dated 29th March 1725 Probate 30 Sept 1726 Robert Adam William Farm to Robert Articles of furniture to wife and 5 bushels of wheat yearly. Money to sons Adam & William. Exor Robert Witnesses Luke McClinihi and Wm. Gibson
. William emigrated to USA. Robert, a farmer of Mecantrim, did not appear to have married.

Will of Robert Beck of Macantrim Dated Oct 10 1768. Whereas I possessed inpart of this land of Magherantrim by virture of a will of my farther and a deed of assignment made to me by mu brother William Beck now deceased and his eldest son William now in America and also part JG Cornacrea and several houses built in the townland of Maheryantrim and a suit now pending in his Majesty High Court Chancery in Ireland between the said Robert Beck & Arthur Graham esq. I bequest all my rights claimed to my two nephews William Beck & John Beck both sons of Adam Beck deceased & their heirs. To my sister in law Jun Beck a cow To my nice Mary McCure money. To William * Thomas nephews sons of William Beck deceased Money The Resedue to Nephews John & William, nices Maragret Beck Elizabeth McDaniel & June & Margaret McClure. Exor John & William Beck Wit Daniel McConwell s Baker Codicil leaves legacy to niece Margaret Beck

"The poll Book of 1753 show Adam & William Beckall of Macantrim voting at Elections for member of Parliment that year. They were £10 Freeholders and consequently substantial farmers. " "An old diary or account book belonging to Rev Squire Barker a former curate of Mullabrack, surviving and shows that Barker was in 1741 occupying a house in Macantrim owned by Robert Beck who was mentioned many times with his nephew John." "Licenses to carry arms. Thomas Beck & William Beck 14/10/1796

Squire Barker was curate at Mallagbrack for about 60 years and was regularly being turned down for promotion.  The commonplace book has many references to the Becks, mostly to do with paying rent.  Usually it is being paid one guinnea at a time, sometimes as much as 5 guineas (the rent for the property the Barkers were living in).  My guess is that the rent was one guinea per month.  Sometimes the book records this as being paid by Squire himself, sometimes by his wife and sometimes by one of his sons.  The book regularly has the comment, after listing a payment, "... for which I have had no receipt", so maybe the Becks were not so strong on the paperwork.

Adam married Jane, 5 children known, one was Thomas, farmer of Mecantrim married Mary.

The Will of Thomas Beck dated 16 Dec 1801= Mary John Margaret Fanny To wife Mary & Daughter Margaret & son John "as long as they live together they are to enjoy the house and farm. If the separate otherwised defined. To Dau Fanny Shererton £5/10/9p To dau Margaret son John & Robert Burke To William Beck Robert Beck & John Beck .

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