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Meliden Parish Church

] Notes: Anne Owen was born 1847 in Gwaenysgar and lived in Meliden, the district of St Asaph near Ryall, FlintshireWales. Meliden township lies on the coast on the Chester and Holyhead Railway 2 miles Sw of Prestatyn and 4.5 miles east of St Asaph (Llanelwy). St Asaph is on the A55. Anne was born in 1849, the daughter of Thomas Owen Grocer and Ann Ellis. In the 1861 Census shows the Owens family living in Meliden. Thomas is shown as 52 Flour dealer, Anne, 47. Richard16 Leadman, Edward 14, Anne 11, Thomas 9, Robert 4, . The 1881 Census shows in Meliden Parish Ann Owens age 68 Born Gwaenysgar address Brytireion, occupation Grocer, also her son Robert age 24 born Meliden in 1857. Thomas who was born in Gwaenysgar five years after Anne. Thomas came out to New Zealand with his wife Jane nee Lyon. His occupation was a butcher and they lived in Dunedin. . Anne came out to New Zealand in 1869 being married in the same year to Exuperius Adams and a daughter, Anne Louisa was born to them on 25th August 1870. Ann was 16 when she married Exuperius, he was 25. The birth registration of Anne Louisa shows she was born in Cromwell and that her father's Occupation as Miner. Exuperius died in 14th January 1871. aged 27 Registered in Dunstan.

Thomas Owens Flour Merchant

      First Generation

     1. Thomas Owens Flour Merchant was born on 6 Dec 1808 in Dyserth Flintshire. He was christened on 11 Dec 1808 in Dyserth Flintshire.

Thomas OWENS born 6 Dec1808   Dyserth Flintshire  Film #0104778

MARRIAGE:5 Feb1832 Ann ELLIS  born1814 Gwaenysgor   Film#0104784

CHILDREN David 21 Aug 1832 .John 1834 Elizabeth 1839 .Richard 1845 .Edward 1847.Ann 1849 John 1850- .Thomas  [Butcher] 1852 .Robert Photographer 1857

The site of Dyserth Castle stands high on the rocky hill which dominates the village. Now almost nothing remains The church was mentioned in the Doomsday book. It is located in the lower part of the village, near to the famous waterfall. The church has had two different dedications, formerly to St Cwyfan, whose cross stands on the border of the parish with Whitford; and currently to St Bridget (or the Welsh St Ffraid).The church had become very dilapidated, and was extensively restored/rebuilt by Sir Gilbert Scott between 1873 and 1875. The Jesse window at the east end of the church is said to be one of the finest examples of Medieval stained glass in North Wales.


"This parish, which is embosomed in hills, and surrounded by lofty mountains, abounds with lead ore, and very extensive mines have been worked for many years with considerable advantage to the proprietors. The village is pleasantly situated at the base of a ridge of hills, on the summit of which are numerous verdant tumuli, supposed to be the sepulchers of persons of distinction at some remote period."

 Thomas married Ann Ellis daughter of David Ellis and June Hughes on 5 Feb 1832 in Gwaenysgor. Ann was born on 7 Sep 1813 in Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, Wales. She died in Meliden.

 They had the following children:

            2 M       i.   David Owens was born on 21 Aug 1832 in Gwanenysgor, Flintshire, Wales.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 David OWENS   Head   M   Male   49   Wales   Labourer    
 Jane OWENS   Wife   M   Female   48   Wales       
 Daniel T. OWENS   Son   U   Male   11   Wales   Scholar    
 Sarah OWENS   Daur   U   Female   8   Stockton, Durham, England   Scholar    
 Ruth OWENS   Daur   U   Female   5   Stockton, Durham, England   Scholar    

Source Information:

  Dwelling   6 Lambert St
  Census Place Stockton On Tees, Durham, England
  Family History Library Film   1342178
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   4896 / 76
  Page Number   28

  David married Jane . Jane was born in 1833.

           3 M      ii.   John Owens was born on 20 May 1834 in Gwaenysgor.


            4 F       iii.   Elizabeth Owens was born in 1839 in Gwanenysgor, Flintshire, Wales. Elizabeth was witness to her sister Ann marriage to Edward   She died on 3 Oct 1893 in Two Mlie St Bathans. She was buried in 2143 in St Bathans Plot 9 Stone 10.

In Affectionate Remembrance of Elizabeth Thomas the DLvd of John Thomas who d at Vinegar Hill Cambrian 3 oct 1893 a 54 .

Also John Thomas nd 9 July 1918 a 73 Precious  in the sight of the lord is death of his Saints Psalms CXVI 15

Site: H/s Wh Mbl Fallen & Brken  Emb Rose & Leaves RB Resided at Two mileSt B

              Elizabeth OWENS  1839   MARRIAGE: John THOMAS-

                CHILD- 1.Sarah Anne THOMAS born in  1875 at Cambrian,  was married on :

29 Aug 1900 to James Henry TRUESDALE [farmer]( born 1874 )according to Catholic Church records.

Sarah Anne attended the Cambrian School , starting in 1885 at the time as her cousin Hannah Griffiths

Their son James Thomas TRUESDALE was born in  1901 at Blacks  and died  21 Apr 1977 at  Alexandra

He married in 1929 to Anna Louisa Freda SCHMIDT born 1905 They had  4 daughters and Raymond James Truesdale 1931

            5 M     iv.   Richard Owens was born in 1845 in Gwanenysgor, Flintshire, Wales. Wife Anne.


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 Richard OWEN   Head   M   Male   38   Gwaenysgor, Flint, Wales   General Labr    
 Ann OWEN   Wife   M   Female   50   Gwaenysgor, Flint, Wales       
 Jane OWEN   Daur      Female   12   Dyserth, Flint, Wales   Scholar    


Source Information:

  Dwelling   37 Victoria Rd
  Census Place Rhuddlan, Flint, Wales
  Family History Library Film   1342328
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   5528 / 33
  Page Number   32

            6 M     v.   Edward Owens butcher was born in 1847 in Gwanenysgor, Flintshire, Wales.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 Edward OWENS   Head   M   Male   34   Gwaenysgor, Flint, Wales   Butcher    
 Mary OWENS   Wife   M   Female   38   Holywell, Flint, Wales       
 Thomas E. OWENS   Son      Male   13   Rhyl, Flint, Wales   Scholar    
 Richd. D. OWENS   Son      Male   11   Rhyl, Flint, Wales   Scholar    
 John W. OWENS   Son      Male   8   Rhyl, Flint, Wales   Scholar    
 Robert E. OWENS   Son      Male   5   Rhyl, Flint, Wales   Scholar    
 Llewelyn A. OWENS   Son      Male   3   Rhyl, Flint, Wales       
 Annie E. OWENS   Daur      Female   10 m   Rhyl, Flint, Wales       
 Wm. P. STRETTON   Visitor   M   Male   35   Perthshire, Scotland   Manager of a Limited Co    
 Christina STRETTON   Visitor   M   Female   29   Aberdeen, Scotland   Housekeeper    
 Margaret JONES   Serv   U   Female   20   Halkin, Flint, Wales   General Serv Domestic    
 Anne JONES   Nurse   U   Female   18   Halkin, Flint, Wales   Nurse    
 George HARRIS   Serv   U   Male   31   Manchester   Slaughterman    
 Thomas JONES   Serv   U   Male   16   Rhyl, Flint, Wales   Assistant Slaughterman    

Source Information:

  Dwelling   8 Water Street
  Census Place Rhuddlan, Flint, Wales
  Family History Library Film   1342328
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   5529 / 10
  Page Number   13

            7 F      vi.   Ann Owens was born in 1849 in Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, Wales. She was christened in Meliden, Flintshire, Wales. She died on 28 Dec 1889 in

 Ann married (1) Exuperius Adams  in 1869. Exuperius was born in 1844 in <Gwaenysgar, Flintshire, . He died on 14 Jan 1871 in Clyde,Central Otago, New Zealand.

                        (2)  John GRIFFITHS. on the 1st of January 1870

                        (3) Edward HUGHES  on 12 Jun 1889 in St Bathans R O, Central Otago, New Zealand. Edward was born in 1841 in Colwyn, Flintshire, Wales.


    8  M vii. John Owens was born on 20 May 1850 in Gwaenysgor,

               He died in Jul 1850 in Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, Wales.

            9 M    viii.   Thomas Owens Butcher was born in 1852 in Gwaenysgar, Wales. He died on 10 Mar 1900 in Green Island, Dunedin. He was buried on 13 Mar 1900 in Green Island.

  Wife: Jane LYONS b 1858 Thomas was born at Gwaenysgor Flintshire Wales and Married Jane Lyon on 8 Aug 1875 at Burscoug Bridge Lancaster England. Came out to Dunedin NZ in 1876

    CHILDREN all born Dunedin

       1. Annie Mary OWENS                  1876

       2. Mary Lyon OWENS                  1878 - 21 June 1964  Married11 Aug 1896 Robert  Bust McLean

   3. Clare Ellen OWENS                   1883

  Married 1906  Frederick John Beale

   4. Maggie Jane OWENS               1884

  Married 1904 Mathew Henry Gibson

   5. Archibald Llewellyn ( Archie )OWENS  1887   Edith Alice

   6. John OWENS                             1888

   7. Mabel OWENS              23 Sep 1889  Married 11 Jan 1910  William Rolla


2.  Mary Lyon & Robert  Bust McLean (1922) 446 Anderson Bay Plus Mary Ellen 

Mclean Spinster

and was living at 26 Larkworthy St Dunedin at time of Mary's death

3. Frederick John Beale &  Clare Ellen Beale Factory Rd  Mosgiel  Horse Trainer (

1922 ) Riccarton 1935

4. Mathew Gibson Abbotsford  Miner & Winifred Gibson Spinster Alexandra St

Abbotsford (1922)

5. Archibald Llewellyn & Edith Alice Owens 53 Grosvenor St Carpt.

7.  Mabel Beale Factory Rd Mosgiel (1922) Widow ( Mabel was Born in St Andrew

St in 1922 there was a


George Darcy Beale & Jeanie Married, Charlotte Adeline Beale Spinster are shown

on roll as 2 St Andrew St


  Notes: Thomas brother of Anne Griffiths

   Gwaenysgar is next to  Meliden



Thomas married Jane Lyons on 8 Aug 1875 in BurscoughBridge, Lancastershire. Jane was born in 1858 in BuriscoughBridge, Lancaster, England.


          10 M     ix.   Robert Owens photographer was born in 1857 in Meliden.

 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
 Ann OWENS   Head   W   Female   68   Gwaenysgor, Flint, Wales   Grocer    
 Robert OWENS   Son   U   Male   24   Meliden, Flint, Wales   Photographer    


Source Information:

  Dwelling   Bryntirion
  Census Place Meliden, Flint, Wales
  Family History Library Film   1342328
  Public Records Office Reference   RG11
  Piece / Folio   5527 / 79
  Page Number   9

On the 1st of January 1872 Annie Adams married John GRIFFITHS. In the house of Mr. B J Stoter Butcher Maclaggan St. Anne was 21 at the time of marrying John. In 1873 Elizabeth June was born, 1874 Tom, 2nd Dec 1876, Hannah Mary, 1877 Lavina. On the 31st Jan 1879 David Edward was born, 27th October 1884 Bob was born. This entry shows Ann as being born in Meliden Flintshire. Ann run a shop at Cambrians and after John died 27/7/1888, married Edward Hughes on 12/6/1889. He was a miner born in Colwyn Denbighshire Wales. Witness to Marriage were John Thomas ans Eliza Thomas The same year, 28th December 1889 Ann died at Cambrians and buried at St Bathans. Ann's Cause of death was Problem rupture of internal vital organ in abdomen during labour

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